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Cold Spark Fireworks

Creating Perfect Moments

What are Cold Spark Fireworks?

Cold Spark Fireworks are a safe-to-use spark machine that emits cold-to-the-touch sparks! Our Cold Spark Fireworks can be activated at any time, allowing you to create the perfect moment for the perfect photo.   


  • Produces minimal smoke and odor, unlike traditional fireworks or sparklers.

  • Can be used indoors with the appropriate ceiling height, or outdoors weather permitting. 

  • Can create a line of sparks 15 feet high for over 30 seconds.

  • With the touch of a button sparks can be set off for optimal photoshoot timing.

Cold Spark Sparklers

What's Included?

When you rent our Cold Spark Fireworks, you will receive 2 machines and 1 attendant to set up and move machines to up to 3 locations.

Attendant will set off machines at the pre-determined time. Sparks will last for 30-second intervals allowing enough time to capture your magic moment!

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